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Shuifa Group

Advanced greenhouse enables Chinese growers produce outstanding quality

In a search of better quality and higher yields, the Chinese Shuifa Group is heavily investing in glass greenhouse operations. Last year the Chinese greenhouse growers of Shuifa Group planted the first tomato crops inside their 7-hectare glass greenhouse operation in Qingyun County. The project was completely realized by Ridder’s Chinese partner Kingpeng, who integrated efficient greenhouse production systems.

Completed in December 2018, the 7-hectare glass Qingyun Shuifa Project is the first of three phases that the Shuifa Group is realizing in Qingyun County in the Shandong province. The Shuifa Group aims at growing a consistent quality crop in the most efficient way and has opted for advanced horticulture systems to achieve this goal. The advanced technology inside their glass greenhouse operation allows them to create a stable growing climate, manage the labor in the most profitable way and make responsible use of energy, water, and other resources. The outstanding quality of the fruits harvested allows them to differentiate themselves in a market that is dominated by inferior quality products coming from traditional Chinese solar greenhouses.

With support from the local government, Ridder partner Kingpeng was responsible for the turnkey commissioning of the Qingyun Shuifa Project. The greenhouse builder integrated several technological solutions that enable the growers of the Shuifa Group to manage the crop, climate, and operational processes in an efficient way. The whole site is automated by the advanced Ridder MultiMa climate control computer and Ridder Synopta control software. The climate computer provides seamless control over all of the Ridder Drive Systems and other climate and irrigation hardware inside the greenhouse. Furthermore, a Ridder FertiMix irrigation system was installed, guaranteeing the most reliable irrigation. A Ridder VitaLite unit allows safe recirculation of water and fertilizers thanks to the sustainable UV-treatment of drain water. Besides climate and irrigation control solutions from Ridder, the Shuifa Group also opted for Ridder Productive solutions to optimize the labor-management within the company.

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