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Van Gog Kwekerijen

Adaptive screen solution for cucumber greenhouse with hybrid lighting

The Dutch greenhouse company Van Gog Kwekerijen cultivates cucumbers on an acreage of 26 hectares. About 17.5 hectares of the area are cultivated with assimilation lighting. Due to the increasing demand for year-round cucumbers, the grower decided in early 2020 to equip five hectares of glass with a hybrid lighting installation with SON-T and LED lighting. Simultaneously with the installation of the new lighting, screen installer Luiten Greenhouses was commissioned to install a screen installation that limits the emission of the assimilation lighting.  

Within the project, the grower opted for the RLR 99 FR W Light Restriction Screens from Ridder. The facades of the greenhouse are fitted with the Ridder RBO 100 R FR W blackout screens. These types of screen cloth are particularly well suited to prevent the emission of assimilation lighting. A special feature of this project is that the screens are installed on an existing wire bed.   Read more about the project on the website of Luiten Greenhouses.

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