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14 December 2018

Sunshine Greenhouses picks first crop at new facility

Sunshine Greenhouses Ltd. recently shipped the first TOV’s from their newly expanded facility in Southern Alberta, Canada. Having doubled their acreage under lights just ahead of the first snowfall, brothers Dirk and Keith Vis, and their brother-in-law Devin Jaspers, are set to meet the winter demand for quality Canadian TOVs.

Frank & Able
Sunshine Greenhouses is a family-owned Canadian company that has been growing greenhouse tomatoes-on-the-vine since 1989, when Dirk and Keith’s father Andy and mother Alice began with a half acre under glass in Redcliff, Alberta. The operation is now owned and operated by the younger generation. This spring they teamed up with Canadian produce marketer Oppy and introduced their Frank & Able brand. “As we rejuvenate our overall go-to-market approach, we’re anchoring our efforts with a brand that reflects what’s really important to us,” Dirk Vis, general manager of Sunshine Greenhouse, said in a news release. “By being frank and being able, we do our very best to grow well and deliver especially high quality every day.”

Winter on the prairies
“As Canadian consumers have increasingly expressed their desire to have local food options in grocery stores year round, we are proud to help provide this with the expansion of our facility,” Dirk said. “When you experience the harsh conditions of a winter on the prairies, you recognize pretty quickly why the production of vegetables in our area isn’t an endeavor many sought out. Fueled by an excitement to fill the void of local produce in the market, we take on these environmental challenges with a state-of-the-art facility along with a knowledge and passion for growing.”

Put the best on your table
Ridder is a proud supplier of dedicated growing technology to help Sunshine Greenhouses ‘Put the best on your table’. Their greenhouse is equipped with reliable drive systems from Ridder. As well as this, Ridder’s HortiMaX MultiMa help Sunshine Greenhouses to design and implement the best climate control strategy in the most efficient and flexible way. Ridder FertiMiX irrigation pump sets and Ridder VitaLite water disinfection units ensure that their crops receive the nutrients they need and make it possible to recirculate clean, high-quality water without any risks or loss of production. This allows Sunshine Greenhouses use natural resources in the most responsible way and decrease its environmental footprint.

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