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13 June 2024 and Ridder Collaborate in Open Partnership for Autonomous Cultivation

Source partnership GreenTech 2024

Providing growers with the simplest possible access to autonomous climate and irrigation control is the joint objective that has driven the successful collaboration between Ridder and over the past year. During GreenTech Amsterdam, a special moment was held to celebrate the partnership between the two companies.

The collaboration between Ridder and Source involves the implementation of AI-driven climate and irrigation control for growers in practice. To give growers access to the innovative functionalities and services of young companies like, such open collaboration is essential. In this process, the advanced features of the Ridder climate computer are made available to the artificial intelligence of through an API in a secure and functional manner. This has resulted in the successful rollout of Source Irrigation Control for autonomous irrigation in greenhouses of companies such as Agro Care.

What makes this collaboration unique is the shared vision of Ridder and on an open cooperation model. Both parties strive for an ecosystem in which suppliers of smart horticultural technologies closely collaborate to help growers optimize their operations. The strength of this open and multidisciplinary collaboration results in faster and more successful access to AI-driven climate automation, helping growers scale and manage their increasingly large operations.

Rien Kamman, CEO and founder of, states: “Our software helps growers around the world manage and grow their businesses. To ensure the world is supplied with enough vegetables and fruit, we must ensure growers are successful. But we cannot do this alone, and collaboration is crucial. Ridder has been a partner from the beginning, and the integration between the two platforms provides growers with an optimal solution for autonomous control, such as the recently launched AI solution, Source Irrigation Control.”

“To make these kinds of new innovations accessible and practical, commitment is required from three parties: the climate computer supplier, the AI partner, and the grower,” says Sander Baraké, Chief Technology Officer at Ridder. “As a supplier and developer of climate systems, we naturally enjoy collaborating and connecting. Working with AI partners like is therefore a no-brainer. Throughout this process, we are actively involved and committed to sharing knowledge and experience for a successful integration. This active attitude is part of the solution and just as important.”

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