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22 December 2017

Ridder Group appoints new CEO

To further enhance its ability to meet and exceed customer needs, the Ridder Group has appointed Klaas van de Poppe as its new Chief Executive Officer as from 1 January 2018. Van de Poppe’s appointment is in line with the group’s long-term strategy and vision to maximize the synergy between its various business units.

Growth and reputation
Klaas van de Poppe joins Ridder as the successor of departing CEO Albert ’t Hart. Under ‘t Hart’s leadership, the Ridder Group has not only seen tremendous growth, but also established a strong reputation in the industry. The group will now enter a new phase in its development aimed at solidifying its position in rapidly developing markets.

Improving cohesion
Klaas van de Poppe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his previous management and executive positions at international operations of companies such as Philips and Wavin. In particular his expertise in strategic business development and unification will contribute to bringing the various business units in the Ridder Group closer together.

Joint capacity
Jeroen Straathof, Chief Financial Officer of the Ridder Group said the following about the appointment of Klaas van de Poppe: “The Ridder Group has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Not only have we expanded our product range, but we’ve also made further strides in internationalization. We have now entered a new phase where there is a need for greater interconnection to maximize our joint capacity and cohesion within the group. I’m confident that Van de Poppe is the right man to guide us on that path.”

Klaas van de Poppe sees in the Ridder Group a great Dutch company with a strong position in both the domestic and international agricultural sectors. “Given the technology and digitization developments in this market, all our business units will need work together as one cohesive team to promote and solidify the company’s healthy growth. I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead this exciting challenge,’ said Van de Poppe.

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