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11 June 2024

Ridder and Blue Radix Commit to an Open and Connected Future for Horticulture

During the first day of GreenTech 2024, Ridder and Blue Radix took a moment to highlight their successful collaboration, making autonomous growing available to growers worldwide. Both companies share a vision of an open ecosystem that allows for the easy integration of new artificial intelligence capabilities with traditional climate control computers.

Blue Radix has been making significant strides in using artificial intelligence for operational processes in greenhouses. These algorithms enable growers to spend less of their valuable time on reactive adjustments to their greenhouse systems. With Blue Radix’s AI, climate settings and irrigation can be autonomously managed.

To equip a grower with autonomous control, connecting with the climate computer is crucial. Ridder is a dedicated partner to Blue Radix. This partnership allows the advanced features of Ridder’s climate computers to be safely and functionally accessible via an API for Blue Radix’s algorithms. As a result, Blue Radix’s Crop Controller can be integrated into the grower’s management system, autonomously regulating the climate and irrigation.

“I am proud of the strong collaboration that started five years ago. With this integration, we have successfully implemented autonomous growing technologies at leading growers like Village Farms in the United States, JPI in Canada, and RedStar in the Netherlands,” said Sander Baraké, Chief Technology Officer at Ridder. “Additionally, the further rollout of this service across three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia, is progressing well. Our close cooperation allows growers to optimize their production processes in an accessible manner, leading to improved crop yields and increased efficiency. Our partnership with Blue Radix symbolizes our commitment to an open and connected ecosystem, which is essential for creating a more sustainable and productive future for horticulture.”

Ronald Hoek added, “Blue Radix develops algorithms that optimize and autonomously manage the daily operational processes in greenhouses. Thanks to this partnership, all horticultural companies with Ridder climate computers are guaranteed a stable solution where climate computers smoothly collaborate with Blue Radix’s control algorithms. The data of the grower is secure and used solely for their benefit. By working together on autonomous growing, growers achieve better and more predictable outcomes, while also managing more hectares efficiently.”