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4 July 2022

IPM course by Ridder and Wageningen University

Sharing knowledge and expertise is crucial to making horticulture more sustainable and profitable all around the world. To provide greenhouse growers and operators with more insights into integrated pest management, the team of Ridder China teamed up with distinguished professors and scientific researchers of Wageningen University to organize an IPM Course as part of Ridder’s Greenhouse Training Series.

Basic Principles of Integrated Ecological Pest Management
Prof. Dr. Gerben Messelink – Distinguished Professor and Senior Researcher in Biological Pest Management in Greenhouse Production Systems at Wageningen University & Research gave the participants a detailed lecture on the basic principles of integrated ecological pest management. He presented the main pest species in the greenhouse and their biological and living characteristics. As well as this, Messelink explained various biological control strategies for integrated pest management of greenhouse crops.

Disease Control strategies
Dr. Marjolein Kruidhof is a scientific researcher in greenhouse horticultural entomology at Wageningen University, where she is responsible for the development of new (biological) control methods for various greenhouse pests. Kruidhof provided the participants with a comprehensive analysis of biological control and main natural enemy taxa for integrated pest management of greenhouse crops. As well as this, she explained various agricultural control strategies for integrated pest management and disease control of greenhouse crops.

Bridging knowledge transfer
Dr. Yutong Qiu, who has been working on insect olfactory physiology and behavioral ecology at the Entomology Laboratory of Wageningen University in the Netherlands for more than 20 years, provided a simultaneous translation and explanation of the course to support the transfer of the knowledge to the Chinese students.

IPM in semi-closed greenhouses
Also experiences from the field were exchanged in the interactive seminar. Mr. Yang Shaojun, Deputy General Manager from Greenhouse Company Shanghai Youyou Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. shared the challenges faced by the growers of Youyou in the daily production management of semi-closed greenhouses and how the Ridder Productive labour management system helps Youyou to effectively manage the workforce and how they use this tool to record, track and trace scouted pests and diseases at the operations of the Youyou Sino-Dutch Agricultural Park in Chongming.

Application of Ridder solutions for IPM Management
Ms. Cai Ke, Ridder Horticulture & Technical Manager and Mr. Bai Xiaofeng, Ridder Horticultural Specialist, brought the participants’ case studies and practices of Ridder in China. They showed how Ridder’s solution has been helping Chinese growers for many years and introduced the application of the Ridder Productive devices and software solutions for IPM and greenhouse management. Discover more at

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Ridder Productive

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