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23 October 2018

How relevant is your produce business in tomorrow’s marketplace?

Yes, smart farming is key for the future of agriculture. And yes, there are a ton of events, trade shows and platforms available to get yourself updated with the latest trends and developments in the field of production and trade of fruit and vegetables. But how often are you presented with the opportunity to discuss the future of your own business with the current industry leaders of the Dutch horticulture sector?

Here are five reasons why you should apply for a spot in the Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetables.

  1. You are an entrepreneur in greenhouse vegetable production and in order to obtain a leading position in your marketplace you will have to future proof your business.
  2. You consider yourself a frontrunner and need to test your vision with other high potentials.
  3. The opportunity to learn from the best; consult the expertise from the current industry leaders in global horticulture sector.
  4. A series of meetings and inspirational sessions with likeminded; receive feedback of industry peers during an event that offers a wealth of valuable content and is all about sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration.
  5. In two weeks’ time you will visit the most important companies and events in the entire European fresh produce chain AND be part of relevant discussions that really matter.

Do you want to make the difference and are you ready to future proof your business? Mark your calendar and join the Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetables organized by Jungle Talks from Jan. 27 to Feb. 9, 2019 in the Netherlands. The course is open to professionals with five or more years of experience.

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