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12 June 2024

Gearbox and Ridder celebrate collaboration at GreenTech Amsterdam

Gearbox & Ridder at GreenTech 2024

During GreenTech Amsterdam, Gearbox and Ridder celebrated their successful collaboration. Over the past year, the companies have worked intensively on integrating the GearStation AI quality inspection within the Productive labor management software at Dutch greenhouse grower The Valley in ‘s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands.

In the packaging hall, The Valley uses a GearStation, Gearbox’s inspection system that performs an in-line quality inspection on freshly harvested products in the 5-kilogram box, using advanced camera technology and AI. Based on the pre-set quality standard, a 100% quality check of the product is performed according to parameters such as weight and quality. If the product meets the pre-set quality requirements according to the GearStation’s assessment, it can be immediately palletized, saving labor and ensuring consistent quality.

Gearbox Gearstation
Thanks to the collaboration, an API link has been established that facilitates communication between the Taks handling system, the GearStation, and Ridder Productive. As a result, The Valley not only gains insight into the quality and origin of each assessed tomato or box but also has immediate access to an objective assessment report in the updated Ridder Productive Manager app on the harvest team leader’s tablet in the greenhouse. This report further optimizes quality and time savings through targeted, consistent, and objective assessment and instruction to individual harvest workers in the greenhouse.

“Our innovative solutions generate highly valuable data. With integrations like these, our customers can make even better use of this data. At The Valley, the result is labor savings, consistent quality assessment, and improved labor performance,” says Raymond van den Berg of Gearbox.

“The collaboration with innovative companies like Gearbox fits within our strategy of focusing on partnerships and open connectivity to make new innovative solutions accessible and practical to integrate in the field,” says Boy de Nijs, Product Manager Labour & Robotics at Ridder. “This gives growers maximum freedom to optimize and use their production or cultivation data.”

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