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28 April 2021

New Grower Module available within Ridder HortOS

All crop and climate data in one centralized environment

The new Grower Module enables you to compare crop performance and climate data from multiple greenhouses and locations within the Ridder HortOS platform. The HortOS Grower Module brings together all relevant climate, production, cultivation and crop data from various greenhouse sites and crops, and presents this in one place. This provides direct insight into the progress of the crop compared to long-term goals. 

Relevant data
With the new Grower Module, Ridder offers a user-friendly online tool that greenhouse managers, growers and site managers can easily use to understand the many streams of data resulting from the various crops, systems, greenhouses and sites. Ridder HortOS places this data in a secure cloud environment and then converts it into relevant information and recommendations, enabling you to optimize your cultivation strategy.  

Centralized environment
HortOS integrates crop records and is able to incorporate these in the Grower Module with cultivation and climate data from multiple greenhouses. As a result, crop managers no longer need to rely on information from stand-alone systems, exported reports or data that is only accessible via the local climate computers in the greenhouses. Because these systems can be linked using the open Ridder HortOS platform, the data is automatically relayed and converted into relevant information.  

Quick & clear
The HortOS Grower module presents crop, climate and cultivation data clearly in the form of handy summaries that provide direct insight into the performance of multiple crops and multiple locations. This information is also displayed in the right context every time, and compared to pre-set cultivation plans and the relevant targets. This smart platform also keeps a close watch on the progress of the crop and sends notifications or alerts to the crop manager when necessary.  

Collaboration for growth
Ridder HortOS is an open platform that different horticultural businesses can safely collaborate on growing their crops. Within the platform and the accompanying HortOS modules, the emphasis is on connecting and creating a common language for the purpose of information sharing. Because it’s an open platform, not only does it work with Ridder systems, but it can also link up with every commonly used greenhouse system and can also connect to third-party services.

Watch the Grower Module demo

Watch the Grower Module demo

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Watch the Grower Module demo

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