Ridder HortOS
Interactive Webinar

January 20 2021
11 AM -12 AM EST (17:00 – 18:00 CET)

This webinar will show you how actionable data can help you to better manage large scale and multisite greenhouse operations.

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During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  1. How to maximize cooperation throughout your entire organization

  2. How to get the expenses of your greenhouse in line with your budgets

  3. How to get control over your large greenhouse operations

  4. How to future-proof your business and prepare your operation for new technologies

  5. How to make data work for you and gain access to actionable information

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About Ridder HortOS

In today’s world, running a horticultural business is a dynamic challenge that very often involves a high level of complexity. Every business strategy, crop, project and location is unique, and the same goes for other operational variables such as labor, knowledge, sustainability and the need to scale up your operation. For growers, owners and organizations, it is essential to have as much useful information as possible, so that you can work towards shared goals and make the right operational and strategic decisions at just the right moment.

Ridder HortOS provides large-scale horticultural enterprises with a centralized environment for working collaboratively towards shared goals. Not only does it give you access to financial and operational data from multiple crops, greenhouses and locations, but it also transforms that data into actionable information and clear insights – so you can make the right decisions yourself or have HortOS make them for you fully automatically. Whether it involves day-to-day greenhouse operations or long-term strategic decisions, HortOS enables the entire organization to work together to drive growth and profitability.


Boy de Nijs (Marketeer) & Joost Veenman (Product Manager)