Drive Systems

Accurate control over the climate in your greenhouse means a better quality crop, increased production and lower energy consumption, enhancing the overall viability of your operation. The use of air vents, sidewall ventilation and screen systems is therefore a crucial part of every grower’s production strategy. These greenhouse features enable you to achieve a more productive greenhouse climate, helping your crops and your business to flourish.

Ridder understands that good drive systems are important for growers. We work with greenhouse builders and installers, using our innovative technology and expertise to develop the best drive solutions and make growers’ lives easier. These solutions not only create the perfect greenhouse climate, but also provide protection and peace of mind, because they give growers full control over their greenhouse and climate, even in the most extreme conditions. In view of the advance of greenhouse growing around the globe, we are also responding to the demand for drive systems that are optimized for local conditions and techniques.

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Ridder Drive Systems

With over 65 years of experience and a market share of 90% in the Netherlands, the cradle of international horticulture, Ridder is the market leader for reliable, self-locking drive systems for greenhouse operations. Growers, greenhouse builders and installers around the world have all come to rely on our knowledge, service and support.

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