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Boost the performance of Synopta with the latest update

As a grower, you are constantly looking for ways to make the crop perform optimally. Our greenhouse climate control software Synopta helps with that. And just like growers and their crop, Ridder is also constantly looking for ways to optimize Synopta. That’s why we’re now releasing Synopta update 5.5.


Ten times faster loading of graphs
When you request information, you want to see it as quickly as possible. With update 5.5, charts load ten times faster than before. This is a pure gain of time for you as a user, especially if you regularly look at charts. 

Secure storage of data
As a user you want maximum certainty that your data is safely stored, this is essential in this time of ‘data driven growing’. If something goes wrong with the equipment, the data must not be lost. Thanks to the latest Synopta update 5.5, backing up your data has been made even easier. The data has been centralized, making it even easier to safely copy data to a backup. This applies to backups on your own server, on an external drive as well as backups in the cloud.  As always, with this update we also give you the guarantee that you always have access to your data, and no one else. The data is completely encrypted and only accessible to you. Due to the data centralization, the recovery of data is now much faster. In addition, the data is suitable for use by artificial intelligence. In short, secure, future-proof and user-friendly. 

Unlimited calculation functionality (Synopta Ultimate package)
Do you still export your tables from Ridder Synopta to Excel in order to make your own calculations? This is no longer necessary in the Ultimate Package after the latest update. Thanks to the ‘table calculations’ in SynTableCalc, you can now perform your own calculations on your data within Synopta. And if you have the Ultimate Package, you even get the maximum number of calculations at your disposal.

Would you also like to boost the performance of your Synopta package and make use of the latest features? Let your contact person at Ridder or your IT partner know.

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