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Ridder Drive Systems anticipates further growth!

As a result of a strong growth in sales, Ridder Drive Systems has expanded its Dutch production facility with 2000 square metres (approx. 21,500 square feet). The company has also recruited a large number of new staff. These changes should allow Ridder to continue its growth momentum until 2021. As a result of the expansion, the layout of the factory has improved and a number of new supply routes have been laid. 

Anticipating future growth

Everard Vastenburg, Director of Operations, said the following about the expansion: "We follow the market closely by consulting frequently with our export and sales managers. The forecasts for the coming years look very promising, so as a company you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. You need to anticipate growth to keep on meeting your customers' needs. Growth doesn't have to cause problems as long as you prepare for it in time. I believe we have done that in a well-thought-out way. This expansion should allow us to continue to grow until 2021." 

Strong improvements

Ridder was able to expand its production facility by using the adjacent hall of logistical service provider Elgersma. A corridor now connects this hall to the factory. Everard Vastenburg: "Using this hall to store purchased goods has freed up space in the factory to expand our assembly and expedition lines. This has improved the entire layout, ergonomics and logistical flow of the facility." 


To facilitate its current and future growth, Ridder is also expanding its workforce and committed to further professionalization. This will allow it to maintain its service and quality standards as it continues to grow. Employees are being given the opportunity to further their training, focusing on the optimum application of new insights and modern technologies. Ridder understands that keeping staff knowledge and skills up to date is essential to achieving international growth and maintaining its position in the market. That is why Ridder will continue to seek temporary and permanent staff to support its anticipated growth. 


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