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Housing drive technology

Ridder drive systems are also used in livestock housing. If certain activities need to be carried out, our drive systems allow the animals to be removed from the nest or house for as long as necessary.

Drive system applications in housing solutions

In poultry houses, our drive systems are used in egg-laying systems and breeding systems. This is shown in the following diagram:

Drive technology applications in housing solutions

Our drive technology can be used as follows in an expulsion system:



To roll up curtains in winter gardens (covered outdoor runs), farmers use roller systems such as the Ridder tube motor or Ridder PowerRoller. These systems wind the curtain onto a winding tube. A conventional Ridder drive unit (RW motor gearbox) can also be used to roll up curtains. For this purpose, the drive unit can be installed in a fixed position, either in the middle or at one end of the system, and drive one or more cardan shafts. The drive unit can also move vertically to roll up the curtains. This requires a guiding unit or guiding carriage.

Expulsion systems and pop holes

Our solutions for expulsion systems and pop holes are based on our RW motor gearboxes, equipped with gear rack systems or belt/cable winch drums.

We can help you choose the right drive system

If you're interested using one of our drive systems in a poultry, pig or cattle house, please feel free to contact us. We can help you choose a drive solution that will suit your customer's needs. You may have more options than you think. You can either get in touch with us directly, or leave a message on our website and we’ll contact you.

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