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Ventilation screening technology

More and more greenhouses are using screens to maintain the ideal climate conditions.

Screens are used to:
  • Protect the plants against excessive exposure to sunlight.
  • Retain heat in the greenhouse to save energy.
  • manipulate the length of the day with blackout screens for short-day plants.

Push-pull systems in poly greenhouses

This screen system is suitable for poly greenhouse, since it places lower demands on structural strength. A push-pull system uses pinion house units, gear racks and RPD motor gearboxes to open and close a screen. 


We can help you choose the right drive system

Ridder has developed more powerful motor gearboxes, specifically for screen purposes. These motor gearboxes are indicated by the addition of the letter 'S'. Deciding which motor gearbox will best suit your needs depends on the size and weight of the screen. We'd be happy to advise you. 


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