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The new standard for every poly greenhouse 

The worldwide surface area of poly greenhouses is growing rapidly. The poly greenhouse owes its popularity to the favourable construction price per square foot and the increasingly higher crop yields that can be achieved. Poly greenhouses differ distinctly from glass greenhouses and therefore place different demands on drive systems. That's why Ridder has now launched a new poly range, designed specifically for poly greenhouses. This product range is based on the new Ridder PolyDrive (RPD). Below you find an animation with possible applications:


Advantages new Poly Range

The new poly range is specifically tailored to the demands of poly greenhouse builders. Due to the specific requirements of this poly range for this segment, it offers the following benefits for greenhouse builders and growers:

The benefits for greenhouse builders
  • Oil-tight drive unit.
  • Ridder PolyDrive universally applicable.
  • Weatherproof and windproof.
  • Suitable for any mounting position.
  • Complete range specifically for poly greenhouses.
  • Low price for Ridder quality and reliability.
  • No oversized drive units.
  • Intelligent control for Ridder PolyDrive.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to mount and install.
  • Can be fitted with local electric motor.
  • No rain cover needed.

The benefits for growers
  • Oil-tight drive unit
  • No rain cover needed
  • High quality for reliable operation
  • Interchangeability of complete motors
  • Less light loss thanks to compact design
  • Higher crop yields
  • Easy to install in existing greenhouse structures
  • Low installation and mounting costs
  • Easy to put into operation
  • Intelligent control
  • Low maintenance costs

Choosing the right drive system

Choosing the right drive system depends on the situation where the system will be installed. It means selecting the right combination of motor gearboxes, rack drives and related components. Our website not only provides useful information on how our drive systems and other products can be used, but also allows you to make system calculations for your greenhouse project. To get the most out of our website, some knowledge of the market is required.

Based on your needs

Every greenhouse is different. If you're not sure which drive system is most suitable for a project, greenhouse or other structure, please feel free to contact us. We can help you choose a drive solution that will suit your customer's needs. You may have more options than you think. You can either get in touch with us directly, or leave a message on our website and we’ll contact you.


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