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A changing world  


We provide added value to worldwide food production every day - a fact we're proud of. We do so with our products, our services and our knowledge of the agricultural sector. Global changes have turned this sector into a challenging one!

The world is changing: growing population
Within the next 10 years, the world's population will increase by another 1 billion. This means we'll need to provide more people with the most basic necessity of life: food. At the bottom of the ladder, we have the consumption of fruit and vegetables, then comes the consumption of chicken and meat. Together, we'll have to produce more food in order to feed the whole earth. Since the world's population doesn't grow at the same rate everywhere, concentrations of people are constantly shifting. In addition to having to produce more food, we'll have to do so in areas where large populations are found. Feeding these populations will also set higher demands on the shelf life of export products.

The world is changing: growing prosperity
In addition to a growing population, our global prosperity is on the rise. It means that on average we all have more money to spend. This increases the demand for organic and sustainable food and thus better quality food. In concrete terms, we not only want more appealing and more uniform products, but we also want safer and more reliable foods. We need to know that the food we eat won't make us sick. And we're willing to pay more for that guarantee.

The world is changing: growing shortages
As the world's population and prosperity grows, responsible stewardship of our natural resources becomes increasingly important. Fossil fuels are running out, as are vital fertilizers such as phosphorus. Clean, fresh water is also in limited supply. What's more, it's a resource we cannot replace in adequate quantities. These growing shortages mean that we must produce foods more efficiently if we're to conserve the Earth's resources.

The world changes: climate change
The world's growing population is also taking its toll on our environment. The planet is slowly heating up, the polar icecaps are melting and extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more common. Due to rapid climate change, we're seeing a strong emergence of new pests and diseases. This means we'll also have to protect our food production from external factors.

Only one conclusion possible: we need to use more technology

The demand for more and better quality food, more efficient production and better weather protection for crops leaves us with only one conclusion: our future world food supply depends on the use of more technology. Technology can increase productivity by a factor of 10, while efficiency can be improved by a factor of 5. Our products and expertise can help customers make the improvements they want on a daily basis.

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