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We focus on the following target groups:

Greenhouses builders

Our primary target group are greenhouse builders in the Netherlands and abroad. Many of the drive systems we supply to greenhouse builders are designed for ventilation solutions, such as continuous ridge ventilation, truss-rail solutions, sidewall ventilation, roller systems.

Screen suppliers and screen installers

In addition to greenhouse builders, our target groups include screen manufacturers, screen suppliers and screen installers. A large proportion of our drive systems have been designed specifically for screen applications in greenhouses. These drive systems are suitable for horizontal and vertical screens of various types and sizes

Turnkey project developers / systems integrators

In our target markets, we also focus on turnkey developers and systems integrators who provide complete projects or systems that are ready for immediate use. This target group brings together the necessary parties or is responsible for overseeing the completion of projects or systems. For this target group, we’ve devised specific solutions such as our LogicLink concept, which allows both the mechanical and electrical installation to be carried out by one party and the installation costs to be cut significantly.

Dealers / distributors / resellers

We have an extensive network of dealers, distributors and resellers. These are partners we’ve trained and certified, and support us in selling our products. They focus on the end customer and provide local support, especially abroad. 


In livestock farming and crop storage, we also focus on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our drive systems and applications are part of the solutions that these companies provide, such as complete ventilation or housing solutions.


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