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Our mission and strategy

Our mission in this changing world is short and to the point:

“Support Greenhouse Growers to achieve better results through best fit growing technology together with our partners in the industry”.

Intensive livestock farming and crop storage
"Support our partners in the intensive livestock industry to develop and offer better ventilation, hoisting and housing solutions through best fit motion control technology”.

We provide added value by offering concrete, tailor-made solutions and services. We also provide a single point of contact for all customer enquiries and establish partnerships to deliver the solutions customers want. These partnerships demonstrate our commitment to meeting your needs. We won't rest until a solution is found. And when it comes to quality, we're prepared to do whatever is necessary to provide you with the very best.

Export market development essential for growth

To achieve growth, we can no longer focus on Holland alone, but must set our sights further afield. Cooperating with Dutch parties plays an essential part in growing our business internationally. We want to achieve this growth as follows:

• By preparing a strategic country analysis once every 3-5 years. This analysis provides in-depth information on the primary countries where we want to establish offices or achieve growth by the setting up dealer channels or joint ventures. We currently have offices in The Netherlands, the USA, Canada, France and Spain. We plan to open an office in China in 2015.

• By making detailed plans for the countries we want to focus on. To develop the markets in certain countries, we've worked together pro-actively with parties, such as Horti-X, GreenFarming, Serracultura, Mexicultura and GreenPort Holland International in recent years. We seek out the right partnerships for each country.

• By visiting various international trade fairs. This is where we maintain contacts with existing customers and partners, and where we lay the groundwork for securing new business and partnerships. You can meet us at trade fairs at our own stand or the stands of our partners or dealers, or find us in the Holland Pavilion.



Not to adopt, but to adapt

Greenhouse structures, livestock houses, power supplies and technology levels differ from country to country. The level of knowledge also varies. This means there is no one solution for all. The existing high-grade technology in the Netherlands cannot simply be adopted in other countries. We must adapt rather than adopt! That's why we customize our products for use in other countries, in addition to developing completely new products for these markets. And we do so working closely with our local customers.

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